Kamaki Foodstuff Trading is a food distribution company in Dubai and an integral part of Kamaki Groups of companies. The company primarily sources the finest food products from all over the world especially for health-conscious and well-informed consumers who value the concept of wellness and health-living. We are one of the leading spices companies in Dubai.

Due to the increased market demand for niche products, Kamaki Foodstuff Trading continues to scout for the best foods in the international markets.



FLAVORRE is committed to satisfying customers by providing a broad selection of high quality and competitively priced products as well as exceptional customer service. The focus of FLAVORRE is to create an environment that is warm, friendly, and clean. 

 Our values serve as the foundation of our company and define who are and how to work. Principles among them are service customers, trust, integrity, teamwork.

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  • Our goal is to provide quality products and services that meet our customers requirements and expectation at all times
  • Building sales and profit
  • Increasing customer traffic
  • Building customer loyalty
  • Boost image and awareness by establishing baseline customer satisfaction of 100%
  • creating a positive relationship within community
  • On Time Delivery
The pure flavor with winning secrets!

Available Soon in UAE Market

We are delighted to announce you that our brand FLAVORRE about to hit in the UAE Market soon. We have plenty of variety Spices, Pulses, Cooking Oil and other food products. We believe that, this is going to be a flavorful experience to you all.