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Our Logistic department ensures that all the requirements of the customers are met on time in an efficient and safe manner. We ensure that there is a safe and timely dispatch of goods provided by maintaining coordination with vendors, service providers, and transport carriers. Our department also serves as a middleman between organizations, vendors, and carriers for tracking down the geographical location of the goods, and thereby provides customer support and promises a safe arrival of foodstuff directly to our customers

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Wholesale Division

Kamaki Foodstuff distribution company in dubai does bulk packaging of spices, pulses and grains, Fruits & Vegetables, Food Products, Ready mix items. We have owned superior packaging machines to get pack a different kind of Spices and Pulses. We cater our products to Hotels, Restaurants, Supermarkets, hypermarkets, etc. The wholesale market claims a respectable share of the overall business in the UA

Food Service Division

Caters to the specific needs of the foodservice sector, which includes all classes of hotels, fine dining restaurants, and catering companies.  Our specialized food service team works closely with our customers’ chefs and decision-makers to understand their needs and meet their demands, both in terms of quality and delivery deadlines. Foodservice relies heavily on quality, service, and innovative products, which will help the chef accomplish the best values with increased quality. Our products are grown according to food principles and are 100% secure for you to cook and eat. Any kind products from us, we assure to deliver nothing but the best and standard quality. Our goal is to provide best quality products and services that meet our customer’s requirements and expectations at all times

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Direct Distribution Division

With a view to reaching every nook and corner of UAE, our staff of direct distribution will ensure that our products are available even in the remotest corners of the country.

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