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As a leading full service food processing company in dubai, we process a wide range of herbs and spices to your specifications. Since no two customers’ needs are the same, we can handle each order individually. We have the capacity to sort, grade, and package. Our capabilities include sorting, screening, milling, and cutting a wide range of particle sizes.

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The whole process will be handled in-house, from concept development and formulation, to testing in our state-of-the-art lab and test kitchen, up to scaling for production. Research and Development takes place in our exclusive kitchen that is staffed with flavor experts creating the perfect seasoning blend, just for you. We also provide a full library of our proprietary seasoning blends to choose from. As the best spice production company  in Dubai, we always make sure about the quality of our spices.


Kamaki Foodstuff company can package your items in the bag, or box that perfectly suits your taste and needs, from concept to delivery. Our specialized food service team works closely with our customers’ chefs and decision-makers to understand their needs and meet their demands, both in terms of quality and delivery deadlines. Our wholesale packaging options range from large bulk sizes ready for industrial use, to foodservice container sizes, to premeasured, ready-to-use batch sizes. We offer consumer packaging options that help you stand out from the competition.

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Our company is one of the largest importers, exporters, and suppliers of value-added spices and pulses in the world. With its extensive experience, quality products, and networking capabilities, the company’s network has made it one of the top companies serving this industry in the UAE.  Kamaki Foodstuff Trading LLC is a supplier of food products to both food producers and food processors as well as buyers and traders across UAE, Middle East & Africa, including spices, pulses, foodstuffs, grains and cereals.